After being released from Kunming Good Luck Hospital, I, Global Freddie, am back on my travels. I was able to secure a nice looking Chinese “Flying Pigeon” 3-speed bicycle, with the generous help of Miss Xshi - replete with a complete Campy cable clamp set!  Man, it feels good to be cycling again! My left knee feels great, thanks again to Miss Xshi, and she also saw to it that the sun was shining down in golden warmth upon Kunming’s pavement when I left. I would also be remiss not to give a special thanks to HRM, for her get well card, and her kind thoughts.

As we flew along the roadways, the Flying Pigeon and I were taken aback by the urban scenes which unfolded in the streets in front of us... Bicycles at work, doing HARD labour. The Flying Pigeon and I would shudder, and drop our gazes, each time we passed one of these “Beasts of Burden.” China has long been on Amnesty International’s dirty list, but these labour abuses need immediate global attention. No bicycle should have to live under such horrific conditions! Take this photo and show it to your friends, let them know what atrocities are taking place in this part of the world!

On a lighter note, you can really get some great deals in China. Wages are about $0.25 an hour, with worm labour at a fraction of that. Our old nemesis, the Asian fishing reel firm, has set up business here, to capitalize on this favorable market. Chinese silk worm diets have been converted over to polyester, in order to produce monofilament fishing line. And, of course, their entire clothing line for anglers, is sewn in sweat-shops on the Chinese mainland.

SHOUT: Hell no, don’t buy Sh(censored)o! Hell maybe, buy worm excrement for your hubby, baby! Hell yes, buy subjugation with that fishing vest!  Solidarity to all bikes -Global Freddie.

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