Artist’s Reviews


“Kurt Wold is doing something a little different. His (machines) are serious pieces of sculpture ...they are also beautiful. When most of us distrust technology, it’s hard not to see the bicycle as a simple, even joyful machine.”

                                                             ANNE STRAINCHAMPS   - NPR’s All Things Considered

“(Wold’s) rayographs are dizzying, featuring bicycles moving straight up towards the ceiling and down towards the floor. The riders, who appear in brilliant light against a very dark background

...appear under, above and beside the bicycles...”                              

                                                                                                      DEBRA KOPPMAN   - Artweek

“Not only does Wold “reinvent” the bicycle, but he also creatively blurs the line between the mechanical and art worlds in a way that hasn’t been seen since Bernard Hinault crashed his bike into Bruno Bischofberger’s Mercedes...”        

                                                  TANYA SANGPUN THAMKRUPHAT   - Orange County Weekly

“The cult of the machine trails throughout the history of art...the eloquent scientific drawings of Leonardo da Vinci...the iconoclast DADA works by Marcel Duchamp... While Duchamp and others in the DADA movement attempted to repudiate the heirarchies of art through satire and parody, the work of Kurt Wold attempts to re-align finely crafted and functional objects with fine art.” 

                                                                        SIGNE MAYFIELD   - Curator Palo Alto Art Center

“Kurt Wold takes the bicycle form to new aesthetic dimensions using such high-tech materials as graphite, epoxy, and foam from the aerospace industry and chromoly and alloyed aluminum from the aircraft industry. He states: ‘As an artist, I have chosen to reinvent the bicycle and its permutations as a sort of reexamination of this historically pivotal machine’.”

                       KATHLEEN SHIELDS / LUCY R. LIPPARD  - Parallaxis/ Fifty-five Points to View

“...Few people get as deep into bike symbolism as sculpture artist Kurt Wold, (who) uses pedal powered vehicles to generate discussions of gender politics, velocity, modernity, childhood, geometry, and life's wobbliness, among other things.”  

                                                                  RACHEL SWAN   - Contra Costa West County Times

“Whatever it was that prompted us to (visit) his site, we're thankful for it. This is much, much more than what we thought it would be. Wold offers a delightful - albeit slightly skewed - view of the world  of cycling and we were especially enamoured with his series Dada Rode a Bicycle/MoMA Was a Peddler. Way cool.”                           

                                                     STAFF EDITOR   - VeloNews Journal of Competitive Cycling