When the big questions in life demand attention, troubled souls have historically headed out into the desert to wander. It is in such a place that yours truly, Global Freddie, finds himself... Cycling through the sands of Pakistan. THE ASIAN BIKE PARTS GIANT HAS WON ANOTHER TOUR DE FRANCE!! Like the banished Muslims of India, who would inherit Pakistan, I too am a detached entity, stripped of all that was significant and fundamental to life itself. My world has failed, and yet I still keep moving, riding ahead, out into the bleak landscape. My traveling activities have been reduced to mere numb habit, for meaning has been lost, and the road seems pointless. And yet, the only thing left is to pedal, one foot in front of the other... Simple motor memory, my brain stem has taken over in order to block out the pain and rage. SHIMAAHHHHH!

My only companion on this difficult road is a Pakistani 3-speed, named “Rover.” A very plain and unassuming bike, Rover has the prerequisite large 28” wheels, and a double top tube, which defines this breed as a third-world pedigree. Steady and solid, Rover guides me across the parched expanse for which I am blind to. Over the many miles I find myself sensing a simple comfort at gripping the handlebars while Rover pulls me ahead. What could possibly be the source of this faint hope that I cling to?

Upon trading Rover in at the Indian border, the bicycle merchant pointed to the handle grips, and stated that these were an unusual item, for they were quite rare in this part of the world... Handle grips MADE IN ITALIA.   Bellisimo -Global Freddie.

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