Artist’s Statement
The particulars on how the Artist came to be working in the “Bicycle Medium”.

Dada Rode a Bicycle/MoMA Was a Peddler 
Series of 10, unique human-powered kinetic sculpture machines. 1988 -1997

Just Like Riding a Bike
Three unscientific instruments in rigorous pursuit of body amplification.  1998

Guinness Wold Record 
Artist undergoes mid-life crisis, and produces smallest artwork to date.  1999

Human Metronome
Demonstration video of Artist & electric-powered exercycle with gong.   2000
Hip-Hop Rhythm Section
Bitching post-modern mobile, electronically amplified sound sculpture.   2001
Upright Double Bike
Badass post-modern mobile, electronically amplified sound sculpture.   2002
Girl’s Bike 
Series of 30, large photographs made in collaboration w/ Artist’s wife.   2003

And Victor Hugo Could Only Create in the Nude... 
Artist modeling several edgy fashion creations from the House of Bici.   2003

Velo Vixen
Bike nymph poised on the cusp of today’s burgeoning folk art market.   2004

Backpedaling Culture
Gasoline-powered sculptures depicting political driven cultural abuse.   2005

Dueling Stradaferrous
An improvisational, electric bike, solo call and response performance.   2006
Atomic Theory vis à vis The Bicycle
Interpretive performance from Flann O’Brien’s “The Third Policeman”.   2007

Patella: The Cycling Bone
Performance with Theremin kneecaps and projected sound drawings.   2007

Some of My Best Friends are Unbalanced
Spontaneously combustible bikes/San Francisco street theater.  2008 - 2009

Artist and his wife give a performance on slap-pipe acoustical tandem.  2010

Wrestling with Inner Tube Demons 
Series of 20, puts full nelson on myths regarding the creative process.  2010

My Cycling Aura 
Mind & Body expressive gear... Mandated by the Bicycle Gestalt Act of 2011

Road Rage 
An exercise in bicycle elocution, whilst rolling down the highway of life.  2011

I Dreamt I Could Play the Bicycle 
In progress, multi-media, surround-sound, theater performance. 1998 - 2013

Artist’s Early Work  (1978 - 1987) 
Photo Sculptures Underlying Rhythm Value Judgment  Like Father Like Son
And The Muses Spoke Cum From Outer Space Shaft Gallery Power Chords

Artist’s Reviews
Quotes and aesthetic commentary from a range of critical professional types.  

Criterium Corner with Euro Freddie 
Satirical cycling column, written for local bike club’s newsletter.  1997 - 2002