The full title of this piece was, “He’d Wished He’d have Cum from Outer Space, that Would be Proof Positive that He was Unique and Exciting”. A cross-pollination in incubation really, in 1987 I was observing the new Goth trend in young art students, who came from the suburbs, covered in white make-up (with black dress, hair and nails), trying so hard to be viewed as something other than their middle-class selves. At the same time, I also discovered colored prophylactics, and mused if the color blue could enhance someone’s sexual status to Alien. Finally a fictitious provocateur, named Woody Richards, was created, who nailed a proclamation on the gallery’s entrance, rebuking the work on moral grounds. At the exhibition’s end, the 20ft. wall outside the gallery was plastered in commentary, posted by the show’s attending viewers over its duration.


Cum from Outer Space