Throughout the 1990’s I’d been working very hard, trying to establish recognition for myself as an exhibiting visual artist, sending out all these show proposals (with SASE at about $75 a pop) of which only half would ever finally be returned, the other half being thrown away by apathetic art museum curators across the country, and I would call and remind these people about my show proposals, and invariably, I would get their answering machines, and they would say things like, “I make it a policy to return all my calls”, and this would go on for years, without any attempt to follow through on their end. But then every once in a great while, I would receive an interested offer, out of the blue, and again I would find myself thinking... Maybe, if I could only try and just push myself yet a little bit harder...

                                                                                    (3 minute video)      


                                                                - You may also view video at YouTube #2 -


Human Metronome