This performance artwork plays with a number of themes, not the least of which is the continual contemporary pressure to present oneself as larger-than-life, in the hope that one might be noticed in a distracted culture. Of course the work also revels in those distractions... Like its 8,800 watt, 3-D dodecaphonic sound system of my own creation, with which I sleepwalk out into the audience in an electric bathrobe, and sculpt sound throughout the audience’s listening environment... And a large, rear-projected, video backdrop which showcases ten individual performance artworks, arranged and reworked, to create a full 90 minute length, multi-media, audio/visual performance art feast.

My mother and father knew Joseph Henderson, Jackson Pollock’s psychiatrist, who once famously opined, “Every creative person has a period of incubation, you might say, before they do any big creative work. It’s very similar to a kind of agitated depression. They’re usually in a very depressed state, very unsure of themselves, very disturbed indeed, until the creative process gets started, and then it carries them beautifully.” I’ve been whistling this little number over the past five years now, thus far unable to find an art venue, or a museum, interested in debuting this “Big Creative Work”.

I Dreamt I Could Play the Bicycle