NAME:   Global Freddie (AKA, Euro Freddie).


LAST SEEN:   Katmandu, Nepal.

LAST SEEN WITH:   Flying Tiger 3-speed.

DESCRIPTION:   Mild steel frame, brazed lug joints, proletariat parts.

SALIENT FEATURES:   Oil bath chain guard, hairpin style leather saddle, mounted on rare,

                                       Campy/Moser self-binding seat pin.

IDENTIFYING MARKS:   Scratched and clawed enamel finish w/ large hairball behind rear cog.

CONTACT:   Eagle Newsletter Editor, if you have any information on this person’s where-

                     abouts. He is not thought to be dangerous, but I wouldn’t mention Lance Arm-

                     strong’s 3rd, consecutive Tour de France victory, on Sh(censored)o components.

REWARD:    You’ve got to be kidding.

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Criterium Corner with Euro Freddie