I happened to be following up on one of my show proposals, on the phone with a freshly appointed curator recently, who stated that she would never show an artist of my quality at their venue. Taken aback, I questioned as to why, and she answered that they were far too high a profile of an institution to ever show someone such as me. I then mentioned that I had both exhibited and performed at her place of work, under the previous highly respected curator - at which point she hung up the phone.

In a situation like the one above, a hackled artist heads to their studio, and engages in advanced tactics to counter such assailing barbs. Exploded View, uses the bicycle as an isometric sum of parts, and projects them out into the environment, thus allowing the wearer to display outrage resplendently.

Another effective work is Fit 2B Tied, which is a simple talisman, humbled with patches. When worn around the neck, however, it poses a major fashionista threat, and repels the over entitled and under proficient. Highly effective, I’ve seen it drop a glass of Chardonnay and a cheese plate at 15 yards.


My Cycling Aura