Yes, from the look of my mailbox, it must be reader response time again. Here are a few of the more printable ones:

“Dear Freddie from Europe: Was there a time in your life when you wanted to be something other than the 007 of the bicycle world?” (signed) El Seven. Dear Quadrilateral- James Bond went out in the 70’s, whereas I go out every night. “Yo Freddie: Where can I get one of those rad Euro road rigs you’re always talkin’ about in your righteous column? I checked both my Trek, and my Specialized dealers, but they never heard of that model. Is the Euro made by Schwinn?” (signed) John Doe. Dear Doeboy- Like you’re doggin’ my funny-bone. Get a clue dude, Euro is an entire continent inhabited by awesome bikes. “Dear Mr. Euro: I was wondering if you knew what that little orange, fluorescent ball (that indicates my gear selection), inside the cable housing of my STD shifters is made from?” (signed) Poor Misguided Soul. Dear PMS- It’s fish roe. And finally, “Dear, Dear Euro Freddie: Marry me, or I will kill myself.” (signed) 36-24-36. Dearest Triple Treat- I’ve always liked a passionate woman who owns a pair of heavily spoked wheels, and a sturdy set of 36’s are very desirous in a mate. But it’s the light, 24 spoke, center wheel that’s really got my curiosity. How long have you been riding British racing trikes? I’ve heard they demand incredible body-english. Please send photos.

So Eddy “The Cannibal” Merckx last week did cause my phone to ring.

He said he was sittin’ up in Brussels with 10,000 red, white, and blue Podio pedal things.

He said he was looking for a sucker buyer, and was there anyone that I did know...

Maybe one of Europe’s smaller parts manufacturers, like Ofmega, or maybe even Edco.

I said, like wait a second Eddy baby, let me think for a minute man.

And then I said why yes, I think it could be a very easy scam...

We’ll just take everything down to Italy’s Gipiemm(e)!

Long live Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited -Euro Freddie.

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