Patella: The Cycling Bone

Humans, as a species, don’t possess elbow caps, hip caps, or shoulder caps. I’m told we’re not even born with knee caps - which suggests these bones probably develop later for cycling. I became acutely aware of said condition two years ago, when I shattered one in just such an activity, and ended up part bicycle myself, with the repair involving the installation of several stainless steel screws. While in rehab, I wistfully considered returning to drawing, the problem being that I’d become wary of conventional art disciplines, distrusting any possibility of an unrehearsed viewer response to any traditional art medium. So I stripped drawing back to basic mark-making, and expanded its rhythmic possibilities through light and sound. My electronic knee caps feature the world’s earliest known electronic musical instrument, invented by the Russian, Léon Theremin.

                                                              (8 minute video)

                                                            - You can also view video at YouTube #5 -