Life on this planet has been described as an elegant balancing act. The bicycle, I believe, is a perfect vehicular metaphor for life’s traversal - a human powered and balanced conveyance. Yet it’s generally stated that the bicycle would never be granted its invention today, due to the fact that balancing on two wheels is an inherently dangerous and unstable activity (i.e., a lawsuit just waiting to happen). Oh yeah, and global warming isn’t an issue of environmental imbalance; and world hunger isn’t an issue of distri-butional imbalance; and unregulated capitalism isn’t an issue of political imbalance; etc, etc...  It would appear that many of the burning issues plaguing society today, deal with our inability to recognize, embrace, and ultimately master the physical laws of balance. As an incendiary gang of rogue two wheelers, Some of My Best Friends are Unbalanced is building rolling momentum, and taking its fire brand, pro-equilibrium message out into the streets of downtown San Francisco. BURN BABY BURN! Special thanks to my fearless videographer -Kristin Menné, my logistics coordinator -Mark Lucas, and to the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation -with their support of an Artist Assistance Grant from 2007.

                                                                    (16 minute video)

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Some of My Best Friends are Unbalanced