As a newly transplanted undergrad art student in the Midwest (and years before I embraced the bicycle as my studio medium of choice), I picked up this old barnyard Schwinn, and I went about creating an homage to my very first elementary school art assignment - by gluing macaroni all over it and spray painting it gold. As an experiment, I also decided to forego locking it up, as I knew it was quite identifiable by everyone in town. Complete strangers would approach me on the street, offering to drive me out to County J, or Hwy. 29, or some other rural ditch, where they’d spotted my recently abandoned, one-of-a-kind bike. Another young art student there at the time, Lance Wilson, took an interest in this eccentric activity of mine, and we soon forged a close friendship (he also introduced me to another art student fan of the bike - my wife). The bike’s thirteenth joyride, however, was quite a puzzler. Lance called one day and asked if I’d meet him on a trestle, below the town dam. When I arrived, he was peering down into the river below at an object which I couldn’t identify. Then we both doubled up in hysterics, for there it was, green, slimy, and BLOATED. The waterlogged macaroni had swollen the bike’s frame and rims to the size of sewer pipes! Ten years along in our friendship, Lance and I planned a transcontinental bike ride together. I ended up backing out however, due to a university teaching gig. Lance went on alone though, hoping to unravel some philosophic questions he was entertaining at the time. On the eve of his destination, Lance’s questions were answered brutally by a hit-and-run semi. The truck drifted off the roadway and crushed Lance up against a cement barrier wall. He then tumbled 40 feet down into a ravine, where he lay until an unidentified caller alerted authorities of his whereabouts. Four days later, with his heart still beating, Lance was pronounced brain dead. Twenty years have since passed - this artwork is dedicated in his memory.

                                                                (4 minute video)


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