I built this piece in 1985. It consisted of a ream of 11” x 14” photo paper, who’s source image was a 35mm slide, blown up about 10,000 percent! At each of the corners of this large photo grid was a fluorescing mono-filament line, which converge at the opposite end into the work’s sole light source - inside the robed figure on the floor. Value Judgment is a play on words, as the work toys with personal taste (the robed figure’s embrace of the teddy bear on the floor, is in direct contrast to the giant image of the teddy bear on a BBQ spit, being held aloft between someone’s toes, on the wall)... And also the fact that there are literally no grey values in this photo, as it is comprised entirely of half-tone dots, and reads as a field of black & white spots. 

Value Judgment